Welcome to The Dragoncast with Ferris & Gale

Welcome to The Dragoncast, a weekly podcast by ex “Fire Up!” hosts Stephen Ferris and Kris Gale – Ferris a MAD Dragons supporter, and Gale “The Voice of Reason.”

Each week they’ll be discussing the minutiae, the bizarre, the controversial and the downright passionate weekly events that comprise the sporting soap opera that is Rugby League.

This week the boys discuss “the Incident,”Zac Lomax’s Hook impressions, and “The Death Of The Mug Lair.” They touch on “Gus Gould: Funny or Not?”… Wax lyrical on the pace of the game, the prevalence of “Moses’s” right now, and delve deep into Jack De Belin’s time in the Washing Machine and The Hurt Locker.

And much much more….

20 April 2022