Internal Communication Podcasts

Strengthen connections

Take internal communications beyond the intranet by creating a branded internal podcast.

Internal podcasts are already being utilised by brands including PwC, Shopify, Dropbox and American Airlines and are fast becoming the number 1 way to engage employees within a company.

Internal podcasts are a powerful way to build company culture, and encourage conversation and and team growth.

Strengthen Connections
Team building benefits

Team building benefits

Using a podcast as an internal comms channel has many benefits:

  • Easily accessed from anywhere – great for a hybrid or remote workforce
  • Screenless and convenient – employees can listen at their desk, or on phones, without a distracting video
  • Form connections – connect with employees in an engaging way by giving company information a voice
  • Inspire with stories – guests and employees can share stories and inspiration to the wider company community
  • Onboarding made easy – podcast series can supplement the onboarding process
  • Reinforce a positive company culture – foster an inclusive culture by featuring a wider range of voices from within the company
  • Support and resources – Afternoon Sport Group can provide the production tools and resources to launch and grow your company podcast

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