The DragonCast with Ferris & Gale: “The Windsock Was Horizontal”

Our hosts discuss the win against the Raiders in the Biblically wet and wild conditions at WIN stadium, musing on the tradesman-like thriftiness of Jack Bird, the lack of towering bombs, the genius of Ben Hunt and the possible involvement of the man upstairs.

Other discussion points include: Charlie Brown, Sticky Stuart and the Flop, the general dislike of the 6 again rule, do goats bleed red and white and can a stone statue weep?

Also touched on are the big issues in Rugby League this week, aka Nick Politis and the Greek RL team and the end of season Dragoncast feast at The Gamboro, in all it’s potential glory.

Of course there is much, much, much more. Tune in and enjoy.

6 July 2022