The DragonCast with Ferris & Gale: “OUT OF BUSINESS”

In which our hosts discuss the Rd.25 Final game of the Season over a glass of Albariño and some flourless orange cake, after braving the miserable Port Botany Southerly sweeping over Kogarah Oval to see the Dragons record a solid victory over the melting Broncos, leaving them Even Steven with 12 wins and 12 losses for the year.They also deliver a critical appraisal of the Shiny New Girl and whether the Dragons should relocate their Kogarah games there, discuss caviar bumps, the future of Hook, trash talk Hayden James and manage to mention Public Enemy, Uriah Heep, Prince and Foghat.

It’s all good fun. We’ll be back in coming weeks to discuss finals, stay tuned 🙂

07 September 2022