The DragonCast with Ferris & Gale: “Eight is the Magic Number”

Revelling in the unprecedented 1st half try scoring frenzy against the hapless Bunnies, our hosts presume that Zac Lomax must be listening to the Podcast, clearly subscribing his lighter hair shade to their influence.

They discuss Cranky Cody’s Red Mist, Wayne Bennett’s Stockholm Syndrome, the unidentified Dragon’s heroic staffer, and the lunacy of the Dragon’s fan base, all without pausing for breath.

Obviously the Vlandy’s dalliance with Britain’s blue bloods gets discussed, as does Kalyn Ponga and his strawberry milkshakes. If you’re still reading – there’s lots more to like!
”Is Mick Potter God?”
”The Pros and Cons of Noddy”
”Madame Bovary…Ulysses….Tristram Shandy…..things get a little literary…”
”the Atlassian Canterbury Bankstown Meth Lab/Centre Of Excellence” seems to sum up Rugby League as we know it.

I can’t give any more away. Listen for yourselves.. it’s Proustian good y’all

21 June 2022