The DragonCast with Ferris & Gale: “Black Hole”

Stephen and noted referee-skeptic – guest host John Ferris – discuss the frustrating and controversial end to the Rd.22 loss against the Sticky-less Raiders. With the Dragons displaying moments of brilliance amongst another display replete with defensive lapses, missed tackles, brain fades, signs of internal dissent and Zac Lomax’s uncertain Spatial Dynamics, the Dragon’ season, like the chaos at the end of the game, seems to have descended into a Black Hole, a slough of Despond.

They also discuss the toilet sharing habits of Ponga and Mann from the Knights, the entertainment package at Newtown Oval, the banning of Shoey-man, the Fun Police, and preview the forthcoming game at WIN stadium against the Titans. And as always, much, much more…

16 August 2022