The DragonCast with Ferris & Gale: “7 SINBINS, 7 SONGS”

We discuss week 1 of the Finals, which Ferris calls “Best Ever” (obvs not including those involving the Dragons) and inevitably after discussing the STGI Women’s magnificent win and the 3 captivating men’s finals land on the craziest game in living memory between the Chooks and the Bunnies. Ferris as DJ at the game discusses his magnificent playlist of “send-off tunes” – the first sin binning was marched off the field to “Hit The Road Jack”…’ll have to listen in to learn the rest.

Lots more discussed including the “re-up” package deal of Hunt and Hook, and everyone from Bert Newton to the Blue Oyster Cult to Hooters in Penrith get a mention.

We’ll have a week off next week and be back to discuss the big dance the week after.
The DC Crew.

15 September 2022