Performance Intelligence with Andrew May #17 Bite Size – Upregulating, Downregulating and ADHD – Kerwin Rae

How do you stay calm and keep a level head when your brain is telling you to stay alert, firing at a rapid pace?

Kerwin Rae, one of the world’s leading high performance coaches, joins us on this Bite Size episode to explain how he leverages deals with having ADHD as a superpower, and how he has learnt (been forced) to also staying downregulated when he is feeling overwhelmed or needing to recover.

Kerwin’s journey to get to where he is right now is extraordinary. From failing every single grade in school to now reaching millions of people across the globe with his extensive social media following with compelling content covering business, mindset, psychology, high performance, health, parenting and relationships.

Kerwin has shared the stage with legendary names such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Mark Bouris, and Sir Alan Sugar to name a few. “

8 July 2022