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Afternoon Sport Podcast

Afternoon Sport

Every afternoon, former international cricketer Shane Lee sits down with TV and radio presenter Tim Gilbert to dissect the day’s sports news. Together, the pair inject their own insight and humour into what’s happening across the sporting spectrum – from footy to cricket and everything in between.

Lunch with Lee Podcast

Lunch with Lee

Shane Lee has a mission: to find out how we can be better colleagues, partners, fathers and role models. In his search for an answer, Shane sits down with local and international guests as they share stories about the heady highs and dismal lows of life. So grab a cold one, relax and enjoy your weekly Lunch with Lee.

Fire Up! with Ferris & Gale

Fire Up!

Hosts Stephen Ferris and Kris Gale are back with the long-running Fire Up! show (formerly on FBI Radio) that dives WAY too deep into the absurdities, minutiae, atrocities and huuuuge personalities in the NRL Universe, featuring regular guest and a perfunctory, random and opinionated weekly analysis of every round’s games.

What I’m Backing and Why

What I’m Backing and Why

Tim Gilbert is joined by racing journalist Matt Jones who you probably know from news.com.au and also pro punter Brad Miller otherwise known as @horsemiller3. These guys run through the racing form for the weekend, giving insights into what they will be betting on and why.

StriveStronger with Andrew May

StriveStronger with Andrew May

A podcast about all things human performance. Listen in as Andrew May explores the latest and greatest in human performance with an all-star cast of subject matter experts covering wellbeing, psychology, business, leadership, sport, entertainment and science.

Building Resilience Podcast

The Building Resilience Podcast

The Building Resilience Podcast explores the world of sport and deconstructs the tools and ethos of world class athletes that can help us create growth and optimise business and life.

The Running Game Podcast

The Running Game

From Twickenham to Ballymore and everything in between Tim Gilbert and Matt Dunning capture the magic of all levels of Rugby Union, the game they play in heaven.

Sportonomic Podcast


Venture beyond the headlines into the business of sport, as we speak to experts, athletes, stakeholders and other key players to uncover the powerful engine and intricate machinations that drive today’s sporting industry.