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Founder’s Voice will bring together founders and mentors to answer their questions and solve the challenges today’s small businesses face. Reliable information from a reliable source.

Built to support founders
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Beating bad advice.

The majority of startups fail in their first year. While this is mostly due to lack of funding (sales and/or investment) it is very often simply due to bad advice. A lot of advisors, VCs and incubators who have never started their own business, while they may understand what happens in a startup, they have not experienced it day-to-day first hand.

Founders need good quality, experienced based mentoring from those that have faced the same pain they are facing. If we can get that failure rate down by 20% that would have a significant effect on employment and the economy as startups grow into SMEs who are spenders, renters and employers.

A Content & Media Network for Startups.

  • Not all startups can have access to experienced mentors with that first hand experience
  • Founder’s Voice uses podcasting + video to replicate the one-on-one engagement with a mentor
  • Most startups have challenges around similar issues – sales, marketing, staff, finance and cash flow
  • Our team of mentors are all ex business owners
  • Our podcast is global – the same issues happen to startups regardless of whether they are in Melbourne, Manchester or Missouri

A podcasting series built to support founders.

Web 3.0 will be many things – but front and centre will the the user taking back ownership of their content and data.

Founder’s Voice will bring together founders and mentors to answer their questions and solve the challenges today’s small businesses face. Reliable information from a reliable source. Not only will this be of value to the founder on the show but also the audience of founders crazing validity.

Founder’s Voice will be a 10 part podcast series bringing together 20 founders and 10 Mentors.

  • The format is a good old fashioned Q&A
  • Startups tell us what they need to know and our mentors answer
  • Transcripts are there, with referenced links to access later
  • Podcast and video to start with with live shows and events planned for the future
expert advice

A thriving ecosystem for all.


  • We give podcasters the opportunity to be profitable
  • The current revenue shares with the platforms are unsustainable and basically unfair
  • Podcasters will have the ability to load, distribute and monetise their content
  • Advertising rev share
  • A ‘Patreon’ style membership model
  • Ecommerce – merch, ticketing, live events


  • Currently fans have little contact with the content creators
  • We help podcasters develop their community of fans
  • Podcasts will become a rallying point for fans through social components
  • Live podcast chat
  • Content feeds
  • Comments and conversations
  • Interviews & events


  • Will not only create extra income streams but also deliver ongoing revenue streams and a committed relationship with fans
  • Best practice, customised & content focused,  SEO
  • Ability to access and use the opportunities in emerging technologies – NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain
  • Privacy and data sovereignty front and centre for creators and audiences


  • Content consumers will be rewarded for loyalty
  • Tokens paid for listening (Crypto)
  • Advertising models will go beyond the ad-roll and into forging relationships with both the podcasters and the listeners. Rewards for attention to advertising and sharing with advertisers
  • First pass entry to events & resources
  • Partnerships are created to benefit both the advertisers and the consumers
Direct access to your audience & markets

Add your voice.
Share your expertise.

The Founder’s Voice podcast will increase profile, and give you direct access to your audience and markets through a unique format, and partnership opportunities.

Leading the way.

  • 10 mentors and 10 founders across 10 shows
  • Mentors will be selected based on their experience and matched with founders that needs help in their specific area
  • Each mentor will have prominent placement across the series of shows as well as sponsorship of the episode they appear in
  • Partnership includes mentor role, main sponsorship of that show, category exclusivity and ads across the remaining 9 shows
  • All mentors and founders will cross promote on their personal and social channels thus magnifying the audience reach

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